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The Launch of UK Watch Brand, James Derby

By James Derby  -

November 28, 2017

The Launch of UK Watch Brand, James Derby

The exciting new watch brand, James Derby, is launching their debut Classic range for Men and Women.

Founded by James Harrower, James Derby was created in London with one simple mission. To create stylish, refined, fashionable and innovatively designed affordable watches. James has always been intrigued and fascinated by the style and sophistication that the right watch can bring, but has never found the right mix of affordable style and charm, so he decided to create it himself.

The right watch is much more than just a timepiece; it expresses who you are. Whether you are in a bar, at work, a formal event or even at the beach, your watch should be suitable for all occasions and it was for this reason that James Derby was born.

Manufactured with the highest quality Japanese movement in a stainless steel case, with sapphire crystal quality glass and genuine leather straps, each timepiece produced represents what the brand stands for with performance, charm, excitement, heritage and prestige coming together to create unique designs. The high level of quality and excellence required from a modern day watch is paramount, which is why they have kept their collections small so they can ensure perfection across every single watch that they produce.

James Harrower, founder of James Derby said "We are excited about the launch of our brand James Derby. A lot of research, testing and design work has gone into achieving our vision. We are looking forward to innovating, launching new products, interacting with customers and continuing to disrupt the watch industry."

A major part of the brand development has been originating from London. James said "When people think of London in regards to fashion, people think style and quality. We have tried to bring this into the brand through our designs, content and even the naming of our collections."

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